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Ashley Flowers

All Good People Here

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2022

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Chapters 14-20Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 14 Summary: “Krissy, 1994”

Billy brandishes the robe, and Krissy realizes she was not as careful as she thought. Krissy knows she cannot tell him her secrets, so she asks him to tell her what he is accusing her of. When he asks about the spray paint on her sleeve, she explains that she brushed up against it. She takes the robe from Billy and tells him that she plans to wash it in the sink in case the police find it. As she is in the bathroom cleaning the robe, Officer Jones arrives with Jace. She cannot help but feel resentment toward her son that he is there instead of January.

Krissy thinks about how difficult Jace has been since birth, “[oscillating] between solemn and furious” (127). Billy left Krissy to deal with Jace, and so the two spent many a sleepless night together during his first year of life, all while Krissy watched their friends go off to college or jobs. As the twins grew, Krissy tried to encourage Jace to find his own interests, but Jace hated anything his mother signed him up for. Krissy recalls the night Jace’s resentment toward January boiled over, the night of her recital.

When the family arrives home, January exclaims that she wants to perform her routine again for her family.