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Arthur Miller

All My Sons

Fiction | Play | Adult | Published in 1947

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Act IIChapter Summaries & Analyses

Act II Summary

In the evening, Chris takes apart the fallen tree so that only the stump remains. Joe takes a nap while Kate prepares for George’s arrival, remembering that he liked grape juice as a young boy. Kate talks to Chris, wondering whether Steve “hates” (115) Joe because Joe escaped punishment. When Ann appears, Kate goes back into the house. Chris suggests to Ann that they should speak to his mother about their wedding plans later in the evening, possibly during dinner. He enters the house. Ann is not alone in the yard for long. Sue appears, searching for Jim, and talks to Ann about the financial security that marriage can provide. She also tells Ann that, if she were to marry Chris, they should consider moving away to make a fresh start someplace else. Chris’s success, Sue mentions, makes Jim feel insecure. When he sees how much Chris has succeeded, Sue says, Jim wishes that he could fulfill his dream of being a researcher, despite the lower pay in comparison to his doctor’s salary. Sue also hints that Chris has been “taking money out of [the family business] every week in the year” (118), which prompts Ann to push back against her comments.