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Mary Downing Hahn

All The Lovely Bad Ones

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2008

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Chapters 6-10Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 6 Summary

The next day, the siblings find Tracy in the kitchen washing dishes. While there, they and Mrs. Brewster prod her with questions about what she saw the night before. Tracy tells them that she saw a face in the darkness and felt an evil presence. Mr. Brewster soon arrives and tells all three of them to leave Tracy alone. He warns Travis and Corey to stay away from the grove, lest they go looking for trouble and find it. The siblings eavesdrop on the Brewsters talking in the garden. Mrs. Brewster says that Travis and Corey are to blame for waking up the ghosts. Before they can overhear more, Tracy calls out that the washer is malfunctioning. The Brewsters seem used to this, and Mrs. Brewster even says, “Next it’ll be the lights and the TV and the plumbing” (58).

Travis and Corey discuss what they heard. Travis thinks that Mr. and Mrs. Brewster are crazy, while Corey suggests that maybe they were the ones who woke up the ghosts. Corey is scared that what they’ve done is irreversible. Travis suggests that maybe Chester Coakley and Miss Duvall will be able to put the ghosts back to sleep.