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S. A. Cosby

All the Sinners Bleed

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2023

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Chapters 24-31

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 24 Summary

While Titus is at the station, Pip and Trey bring in Denver Carlyle, who is currently intoxicated. Titus sends Denver to a holding cell because he has gotten a DUI. Titus then gets another phone call from a person speaking through a distortion machine. The voice claims again that Titus’s “flock” is in danger. Marquis comes to Albert and Titus’s house for dinner, which is a surprise to Titus, but Marquis points out that someone did nail a dead sheep to his family’s door, so he at least needs to check on them. After Albert goes to bed, Marquis admits that he used to be involved with Jasper’s drug-dealing scheme as well, but he claims to have stopped when Titus became the sheriff.

Titus then confesses to Marquis what made him resign from the FBI. While working for the FBI, Titus was tasked with arresting a white supremacist, cult leader, and drug dealer named Red DeCrain. Before Titus could make the arrest, DeCrain’s family died by explosive suicide vests. DeCrain also intended to die in this manner, but his vest malfunctioned and his life was spared. Instead of arresting him and sending him to prison, however, Titus shot and killed him.