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Bryn Greenwood

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2016

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Part 3, Chapters 1-6

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3

Part 3, Chapter 1 Summary: “Patty: September 1982”

Val is now at home but still under medical care. Her night nurse, Patty, meets Wavy when the latter comes in slamming the door after her fight with Kellen. Kellen comes in after Wavy and apologizes to Patty for the commotion. Patty warns Kellen she will not provide childcare for Wavy; Kellen laughs and says, “Wavy don’t need a babysitter” (147). Kellen’s advice to stay away from Wavy startles Patty, but when she hears Wavy in the kitchen late at night, she remembers his advice not to check on her. Patty and Casey, the day nurse, discuss Wavy and Kellen, noting that Wavy leaves the farmhouse at night, probably to be with Kellen. Neither nurse wants to take the initiative to report Wavy’s behavior. Patty remembers overhearing Kellen tell Wavy, “I love you all the way” (149). Patty believes Kellen is engaging in an inappropriate relationship with Wavy, but she takes no action.

Part 3, Chapter 2 Summary: “Wavy”

Wavy sees a remodeled motorcycle Kellen has been working on; he has painted it with the constellations and added a special seat for her. She feels “hot things” caught in her mouth that she cannot bring herself to say (150). She feels strong attachment to Kellen, but she tries to push that desire away, cringing at the thought of Kellen with other women.