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Mikki Daughtry, Rachael Lippincott

All This Time

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2020

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Authorial Context: Daughtry and Lippincott

Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott have co-authored two novels together, which have been on the New York Times bestseller list. Daughtry met Lippincott when publisher Simon & Schuster hired Lippincott to adapt Daughtry’s hit screenplay Five Feet Apart into a novel. A similar process occurred for All This Time. Daughtry outlined the story and captured the characters through a screenplay, then Lippincott adapted the dialogue into prose. Daughtry also collaborates with the screenwriter Tobias Iaconis.

Literary Context: Coming-of-Age Narrative

All This Time is a contemporary young adult romance, and typical of the genre, the story involves a coming-of-age narrative. This narrative type shows a character’s unformed beginnings, their trials, overcoming those trials, making a life-changing decision, and then finally revealing them as a more developed person with an evolved perspective. Some of the young characters in this novel have already begun this journey, such as Kim, who wants to see what her life is like without Kyle and wants to build her own, new adult self at a different school. Kyle, however, anticipates that life will go on as usual for himself and his two friends.

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