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Hena Khan

Amina's Voice

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2017

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Amina’s Voice

  • Genre: Fiction; middle grade realistic
  • Originally Published: 2017
  • Reading Level/Interest: Lexile 800L; grades 6-8
  • Structure/Length: 25 chapters; approx. 208 pages; approx. 4 hours, 19 minutes on audio
  • Protagonist and Central Conflict: In this coming-of-age novel, 11-year-old Amina Khokar, a Pakistani-American girl who lives in Milwaukee, contends with pressures such as stage fright, peer pressure, bigotry, and prejudice, as well as questions about her faith and culture.
  • Potential Sensitivity Issues: Bigotry and prejudice; bullying

Hena Khan, Author

  • Bio: Born in Maryland and still lives in Rockville; a Pakistani-American writer of middle grade and picture books; counts Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume among her favorite childhood authors; writes and edits for international service organizations
  • Other Works: More to the Story (2020); Zayd Saleem, Chasing the Dream (first in a series of four; 2020); Amina’s Song (2021); Zara’s Rules for Record-Breaking Fun (2022)
  • Awards: ALA Notable Children’s Books; “Best Book” honors from Kirkus, NPR, and the Washington Post (2017)

CENTRAL THEMES connected and noted throughout this Teaching Unit:

  • Racially Motivated Bullying
  • The Impact of Islamophobia in America
  • Coming-of-Age for a First-Generation Immigrant

STUDY OBJECTIVES: In accomplishing the components of this Unit, students will:

  • Deepen their understanding of stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice, and Islamophobia as a foundation for understanding the issues Amina faces in the novel.
  • Read/study short paired texts and other resources to deepen their understanding of themes related to Racially Motivated Bullying, The Impact of Islamophobia in America, and Coming-of-Age for a First-Generation Immigrant.
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