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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 1998

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Discussion/Analysis Prompt

Although the government is a faceless entity in Among the Hidden, it takes on the role of antagonist. Luke imagines the government as “a very big, mean, fat person, two or three times as tall as an ordinary man, who went around yelling at people, ‘Not allowed!’ and ‘Stop that!’” (2). In what ways does the government antagonize the main characters and side characters, and how does the government thwart their efforts? How does the government exercise its power over its citizens, and how does that contribute to the theme of Legality Versus Morality?

Teaching Suggestion: Encourage students to compare the government to other antagonists in media they’re familiar with. You may want to draw comparisons to antagonists of other dystopian literature as well as more traditional antagonists that are represented through a single character.

Differentiation Suggestion: For students who are more visually or creatively inclined, consider having the students draw their interpretation of the government in Among the Hidden as a human being. Ask them to pay attention to details like stature, clothing, and accessories when creating their depiction of the government.