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Joy Harjo

An American Sunrise

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 2017

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Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Which of the following dichotomies (contrasts) is evident inside “the Indian bar,” according to the speaker?

A) Stories and gossip are shared among those seeking truth.

B) Those who are wealthy drink alongside those who are poor.

C) Current events cause anxiety; ancestral stories bring calm.

D) Some drink and waste time; some make plans for the future.

2. What language feature in “An American Sunrise” most strongly connotes a sense of community between the speaker and the speaker’s friends?

A) repeated references to old school days

B) the consistent use of plural pronouns

C) images of cultural pride in the beginning and end

D) a series of historical allusions

3. What kind of imagery is used in the poem to introduce the topic of the “Other” (a group or individual socially positioned as outside, different from, and/or in tension with the dominant culture)?

A) religious

B) mythological

C) historical

D) supernatural

4. Which of the following is communicated in the poem’s conclusion, suggesting a mood of hope?

A) Lawmakers will soon pass legislation righting past wrongs.

B) Historians and teachers work to correct misconceptions.

C) Those in the speaker’s community reject submission and defeat.

D) The speaker’s ancestors impart wisdom to new generations.

For the following question, write a one-sentence response based on details in the poem.