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Joseph Conrad

An Outpost Of Progress

Fiction | Short Story | Adult | Published in 1897

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Answer Key

Reading Check

1. Henry Price (Part 1, Paragraph 1)

2. He died of fever. (Part 1, Paragraph 1)

3. Workers (Part 2, Paragraph 19)

4. Sugar (Part 2, Paragraph 43)

Short Answer

1. Gobila seems to like them all, even though he can't tell them apart, and provides support to the outpost in the form of food and care. He believes they are all related and immortal; even the death of the previous chief of the station did not change his mind. (Part 1, Paragraph 15)

2. They call Makola a fiend and tell him they will fire him. (Part 2, Paragraph 20)

3. At first they joke about it but later they become anxious and gloomy. (Part 2, Paragraph 38)

4. Kayerts barricades himself in his room and believes that Carlier will continue his aggressive behavior unless Kayerts stands up to him. They get into a scuffle and Kayerts shoots and kills Carlier. (Part 2, Paragraph 60)