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Scene 6 and 6th Ode

Scene 6 and 6th Ode Summary

The blind and aged seer Teiresias enters, demanding Kreon listen to his words. He tells the king that his “fortunes stand once more on the razor’s edge” (1,058). Teiresias tells Kreon that the gods will not accept the prayers of the people of Thebes and that the city is doomed until Kreon rights the wrong of leaving Polyneikes unburied.

Kreon, enraged again, rejects Teiresias’ vision and vows to leave Polyneikes unburied, even if the eagles of Zeus themselves come down to carry him to Olympus.

The two argue, Kreon accusing Teiresias of seeking money, and Teiresias astounded the man will not listen to the words of a seer. Teiresias tells Kreon that because of his actions, the Furies will soon come for Haimon as well, and he will also be brought down to death. Disgusted, Teiresias departs, led by his assistant child.

The Chorus offers Kreon some advice: “Go send the girl up from her deepdug house! / Build a tomb for the one who lies there, dead!” (1,085-86). Kreon, terrified at the thought of losing his son, finally realizes his mistake and quickly agrees. He rushes away with his men to free Antigone and bury Polyneikes.