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Mia Sheridan

Archer's Voice

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2014

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Summary and Study Guide


Mia Sheridan’s most popular novel, Archer’s Voice, is a New York Times bestseller. It is also one of the top 100 bestselling romance books on Goodreads and a bestseller listed for USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Sheridan has written many romance novels since her success with Archer’s Voice, which was published in 2016. Her works center around the themes of small town love, destiny, and healing.

This study guide uses the Archer’s Voice paperback novel published by Forever, Grand Central Publisher, 2018.

Content Warning: This novel features depictions of domestic violence, attempted rape, molestation, gun violence, miscarriage, and violence against children.

Plot Summary

Archer has lived in Pelion, a lake town, since he was born. When he was seven, a car accident killed his mother, father, and uncle and injured Archer’s throat, leaving him unable to speak. Prior to the accident, Archer learned his mother, Alyssa, was in love with his uncle, Connor Hale. His father, Marcus Hale, was abusive toward Alyssa. Devastated, Archer is sent to live with his uncle, Nathan Hale, who has PTSD and lives in isolation. Nathan sets traps around his property and believes that animals are spies. Nathan has compassion for Archer, but is unable to communicate with him, and his lifestyle keeps Archer isolated into adulthood. When Nathan dies, Archer must interact with the people of Pelion. The people avoid Archer because of gossip about his inability to speak.

Bree Prescott moves to Pelion after the murder of her father, Charlie, who was shot in his deli when he and Bree were working late. Charlie was deaf and signed for Bree to hide. The gunman told him to stop moving, but since he could not hear, he could not comply. The man shot him and molested Bree before the police arrived and the man fled. Bree has flashbacks of the assault, especially when it rains. She is ashamed of the sexual assault and keeps it from her friends.

Unable to pay the funeral costs, Bree sells the deli. Her best friend Jordan confesses he loves her and forces her to kiss him. Bree, overwhelmed, leaves her hometown and rents a cottage in Pelion. She befriends her neighbor, an old woman named Ann. Bree reveals that she came to Pelion with her parents when she was a child. It was their last family vacation before her mother died.

Bree wishes on a dandelion to find peace in Pelion. She runs into Archer Hale at the pharmacy. She is unsure why he doesn’t speak to her but finds dandelion seeds on her windshield when she gets back to her car. Bree works at the local diner and meets Archer’s cousin, Travis Hale. Travis is the son of Archer’s uncle, Connor. Like his father before him, Travis is a police officer. The ownership of the town is handed down to the eldest Hale boy when he reaches 25; as the eldest Hale Boy, Travis is set to inherit the town of Pelion. Travis’s mother, Victoria Hale, plans to remove the locals’ lake cottages and some small businesses to build condos when Travis takes control of the town.

Bree finds out all that she can about Archer, feeling drawn to him. She visits him on his property, and at first Archer is resistant to her friendship. Bree goes on a date with Travis, but she is uncomfortable kissing him. Bree begins a friendship with Archer when he learns she can sign. When Bree gets stuck in one of Nathan’s traps on Archer’s property, she has a panic attack. Archer rescues her and Bree tells Archer the truth about her father’s murder and the assault.

Confessing her trauma helps Bree cope and she stops having flashbacks. Archer and Bree’s relationship becomes passionately romantic. Archer loves Bree, but he is inexperienced and insecure, worried that he will be a burden on Bree.

Bree hopes Archer and Travis will reconcile after Travis says that he wished he had been nicer to his cousin. Archer is suspicious, but goes out with Travis to appease Bree. Travis takes him to a strip club where Archer drinks too much and struggles to connect with Travis and his friends. After Travis buys him a lap dance, he drops Archer off in front of Bree’s house. Bree, assuming infidelity, becomes angry with Archer. They make up, but Archer learns not to trust Travis.

Bree learns her father’s killer may have been found. She goes to Cincinnati and identifies the man from the lineup of pictures. She races home to Archer, but her cell phone falls in a puddle and Archer is unable to get hold of her. Archer becomes so anguished at the thought of losing Bree that he destroys his home. He recalls the accident from when he was seven years old. He, his Uncle Connor, and his mother were attempting to run away from Marcus. Marcus intentionally crashed his truck into their car because Victoria told Marcus that Connor and Alyssa were running away together. The crash killed Archer’s mother, and Connor pulled Archer from the wreckage. Marcus pointed a gun at Connor and Connor revealed that he was truly Archer’s father. Marcus insulted Alyssa and Archer charged at him. Marcus shot Archer in the throat. Connor drew his gun and he and Marcus shot and killed each other. Victoria arrived at the scene and told Archer that it was his fault before he passed out. Later, Victoria talked Uncle Nate out of letting Archer get a surgery to restore his voice. Victoria wants to prevent Archer from revealing that he is truly entitled to inherit the town, since he is really Connor’s eldest son.

When Bree returns home, she comforts Archer, but he remains insecure. Archer tells Bree that he blames himself for the deaths of his parents. Later, at a town parade, Travis tries to speak with Bree. She resists, so he grabs her. Archer attacks him; Bree, upset, reveals that they are brothers. Travis becomes angry with Victoria because she knew and never told him. Archer leaves as the townspeople gossip. When Bree arrives at Archer’s house, she finds a note saying that he left and wasn’t angry with her for revealing his secret.

Archer returns three months later. He is confident and intends to take over the town. He worked a job, supported himself, and learned to communicate with others, despite being differently abled. Bree is upset that he left her and makes him promise never to leave her again.

Days later, Jeffrey Perkins, the man who shot Bree’s father, arrives at the diner when Bree is working. He shoots at Bree, but Archer jumps in front of the bullet. Travis shoots Jeffrey from behind. Archer is in a coma for several weeks. The people of Pelion rally around Archer. Travis learns that Victoria told Jeffrey Perkins, who was out on bail, where he could find Bree. Travis demands that his mother leave the town for good. Archer awakens and, shortly after, takes over control of Pelion. At the town meeting, many people communicate with Archer using sign language. Archer professes deep love for Bree.

In the epilogue, Archer and Bree have been married for four years and have twin boys, Connor and Charlie. Archer expanded Pelion by adding more bed and breakfasts, not condos, and the town is doing great. Archer hands a dandelion to Bree who tells him that all of her wishes have come true. Bree makes a wish for her children instead.

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