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Frank O'Hara

Ave Maria

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 1964

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Reading Comprehension Questions

1. To what does the title “Ave Maria” refer?

A) A well-known film actress

B) An LGBTQ+ rights movement

C) A Catholic prayer

D) A term of endearment

2. To what does the phrase “embossed by silvery images” refer?

A) The figure on a silver quarter

B) Pictures on a movie screen

C) Constellations in the stars

D) An actor’s autograph

3. When the speaker says the children’s experience “didn’t upset the peaceful home,” what is to the implied meaning?

A) They didn’t annoy their neighbors with noise.

B) They didn’t bring home an unsuitable partner.

C) They didn’t argue over not being allowed out.

D) They didn’t speak out about their sexuality.

4. The poem uses the word “gratuitous” twice in succession. In this context, what is the meaning of this word?

A) Fulfilling

B) Dangerous

C) Free of charge

D) Unwelcome