Sylvia Day

Bared to You

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Bared To You Summary

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Eva Tramell, a young woman who has just moved to New York, settles into her new apartment with her roommate, Cary, a bisexual male model. Eva is about to begin a new job as an assistant to a junior account manager. While walking to The Crossfire, trips and and is helped up by a handsome man who returns her dropped ID badge. At the end of her first day of work, Eva finds herself in an elevator with that same handsome stranger who greets her by name, having remembered it from her ID badge. He asks her about her first day, and they part ways outside the building, where a Bentley is waiting for him.

Eva and her boss Mark work long hours on a proposal for a vodka company. Mark invites Eva to help him deliver the presentation. The man they are delivering the presentation to is the handsome stranger, Gideon Cross, a billionaire playboy, and owner of The Crossfire. After the presentation, Gideon propositions Eva for sex, and though Eva is intrigued, she rebuffs him. Eva and Cary take a Krav Maga class in a seedy part of town, something Eva’s overprotective mother would be appalled by. The next day, Eva and her stepfather Richard have lunch, and he passes along that Eva’s mother is upset about the Krav Maga class. She has been tracking Eva’s cell phone. Furious, Eva leaves the restaurant and bumps into Gideon at the office. Eva is still upset, and Gideon takes her to his office. Gideon explains that he has no time to date but would like to sleep with her. She tries to leave, but Gideon demands a proper goodbye, and the two kiss.

Eva learns that her mother and stepfather have conspired to have her class cancelled. She and Cary go out clubbing and run into Gideon, who continues to push for a sexual relationship. Eva agrees, but only if they also have non-sexual activities, as Eva is more interested in human connection than sex. Eva is nervous about attending a gala for abused children her mother and stepfather sponsor, as Eva was molested by the son of her mother’s previous husband. She calls Gideon, who invites her to his lavish apartment and performs oral sex on her. Through Cary, Eva learns that Gideon’s father was involved in a Ponzi scheme and committed suicide when Gideon was young. Eva and Gideon have sex in the limo to the gala, but Gideon becomes quiet and withdrawn afterwards. Things are tense between them at the gala, but Gideon delivers a moving speech about child sexual abuse that touches Eva. She meets his half-brother, Christopher, but Gideon warns her that Christopher is dangerous. She also meets Magdalene, one of Gideon’s exes, who tells Eva that now she’s slept with Gideon, he’ll never stay with her long-term.
Eva tries to break it off with Gideon. Gideon apologizes for his distance after sex and Eva apologizes for her jealousy over Magdalene. Gideon buys Eva a new cellphone, one her mother can’t trace. Gideon and Eva go to the gym. Gideon’s possessiveness turns Eva on, and the two have sex in a nearby hotel room, which Eva quickly deduces is Gideon’s long-term room, used for sex. While Gideon sleeps, Eva leaves.

Gideon calls her incessantly, begging her not to break up with him. He promises that the room was not his sex den and Eva chooses to believe him. As they sleep that night, Gideon has a nightmare in which a man is hurting him. Eva wakes him up and the two have sex. The next day, the news breaks that she and Gideon are together, and a picture of them appears in the online tabloids. Eva panics, worried the tabloids could find out about her past abuse. Eva decides to begin therapy again, and will start with a family session involving her mother. She and Gideon have sex, and she notes that he hasn’t had another nightmare.

At work, she sees a picture on the internet of Gideon and Magdalene at dinner. When she and Gideon have dinner, he demands to know if Cary is in love with her, which she denies. Gideon admits to having dinner with his ex, but denies any sex occurred. Eva suggests keeping the relationship private, which Gideon refuses. Eva reveals her childhood trauma, starting with molestation at age ten and ending with her miscarrying her stepbrother’s child at fourteen. Gideon promises to make her feel safe in the relationship.

Gideon has another nightmare and refuses to tell Eva what it’s about. Eva runs into Christopher, who invites her to a family party, one which Gideon never attends. For four days, Eva hears nothing from Gideon, and Eva decides to attend his family’s garden party. She is greeted warmly by his family, but Gideon shows up and tells Eva he doesn’t want her there. He reveals that his nightmares involve this house and warns her again to stay away from Christopher.

The next day, Eva gets a video from Cary showing Christopher and Magdalene having sex in the bushes at the party. Magdalene remarks that Gideon seems to really love Eva. Eva begins to suspect that Gideon’s childhood was even darker than she thought, with Christopher terrorizing Gideon. Gideon comes to stay the night at Eva’s. Gideon offhandedly implies he is a rape survivor. In the middle of the night, he has a bad dream and attacks Eva before Cary throws him off. Ashamed and horrified, Gideon packs his things. Eva assures him they’ll get through this. They have tender sex.
Gideon visits a therapist who prescribes medication for his night terrors. He admits to Eva that he looked at her phone and found the video of Christopher and Magdalene. This infuriates Eva, who sees it as a violation of privacy. The next night, they attend a gala and Eva meets Corrine, Gideon’s secret ex fiancé, whom he speaks to evert night. Eva leaves the gala without Gideon and returns home, where Cary is having an orgy. Eva kicks them out and then Gideon shows up. She rebuffs him, jealous and feeling betrayed. Gideon explains how much Eva means to him and that his engagement to Corrine was a youthful mistake. Gideon decides Eva should stay with him that night, as Cary isn’t trustworthy. She packs a bag. They ride off happily together—“at least for a little while.”