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Mindy Mcginnis

Be Not Far from Me

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2020

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Symbols & Motifs

Nature’s Beauty

McGinnis highlights the beauty of nature as a motif that works in tandem with the theme of Nature’s Wildness. Although nature is untamable, it contains beauty. Ashley’s recognition of both the beauty and power of nature enhances her appreciation of it.

Ashley appreciates nature’s beauty. She loves the solitude nature offers and finds that she is happiest outdoors. Even when she gets lost in the woods, Ashley has moments in which she recognizes nature’s beauty. For instance, she hears frogs and admires the beauty of the evening light before falling asleep in her handmade shelter. She also enjoys watching deer grazing and notices the majesty of the lush green tree canopy from atop the oil well ladder. Ashley finds that she can have both a healthy respect and appreciation for nature. The motif of nature’s beauty encourages readers to have the same balanced view.

Davey Beet’s Hat

Davey’s hat symbolizes both Ashley’s feelings for Davey and his friendship with her. Ashley recognizes his hat immediately when she sees it hanging from a tree branch. She expends her limited energy to retrieve the hat, not because she needs it but because of the feelings she has for its owner. Ashley still holds onto hope that Davey, her outdoor mentor, hero, and crush, may still be alive.

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