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Matthew L. Sanders

Becoming a Learner: Realizing the Opportunity of Education

Nonfiction | Essay / Speech | Adult | Published in 2012

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Matthew L Sanders

Matthew L Sanders received his Bachelor of Arts, from Brigham Young University in English and went on to complete his Master of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Colorado in communication studies. He is currently an Associate Professor of communication studies and an Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Science at Utah State University.

In his educational career, Sanders has written many peer-reviewed articles and has published (with others) two books other than Becoming a Learner. He has conducted research in the area of communication, teaches university courses in communication, and has even won awards for excellence in teaching. He has conducted many teaching workshops and given many presentations and speeches in communication studies and pedagogy. Sanders is also an active participant in community service projects. On his curriculum vitae, he states an interest in research concerning, “Pedagogical innovations and framings in individual assignments, course frameworks, college orientation, and the first-year experience.”

In an interview with the publisher of his book, Becoming a Learner, Sanders told the interviewer that his main motivation for writing the book was that he found college to be a transformative event in his life. He feels that he would not be who he is today without it, and so he wishes to help others come to the same realization he did about college education and to help others have a positive and successful experience with higher education.