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Behind the Beautiful Forevers

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Behind the Beautiful Forevers Discussion Questions

1. What does Fatima hope to accomplish by setting herself on fire? Does she truly mean to kill herself?

2. Which is worse – Meena’s present or Meena’s future? What specifically is she trying to escape when she drinks rat poison?

3. Is Manju too educated/accomplished to find happiness?

4. Is it surprising that the Husains clean Fatima’s body and continue to invite her family to Eid celebrations, although her death has temporarily ruined their family?

5. Why does Fatima’s husband give false and incriminating testimony toward the Husains?

6. What flaws does the “fast-track” trial reveal about India’s court system? Do Karam and Kehkashan receive a fair trial?

7. Is Asha troubled at all by the impact of her actions on others – such as Manju, her husband and other children, or her neighbors?

8. Do the Husains do the right thing in refusing to pay bribes to court officials, to police officers and to…

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