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Richard Powers


Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2021

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Part 4, Pages 141-195Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 4, Pages 141-150 Summary

Robin continues his interview with Dee Ramey. He tells her that “everybody’s broken,” which is why people are breaking the planet. Robin, still under the pseudonym Jay, seems to forget that he’s being filmed. He teaches a passing couple and their children about the nature they can find beside the lake.

A week after the video’s release, Currier calls Theo. The video’s popularity has put Currier’s research in high demand and has made Robin famous. Currier has a relaxed reaction, but Theo begins to panic.

Other internet video companies contact Theo about potentially including Robin in a new piece. Theo is furious that Robin’s identity has become public knowledge; Currier tries to console him by saying that Robin’s message “has given a lot of people hope” (144). Theo decides that Robin will have the final say over any such matters.

Theo tells Robin about the proposed video, in which he will cameo in Currier’s filmed lecture. When Robin agrees, Theo contacts the company. He passes along Robin’s consent but demands control over the final product.

The filming of the five-minute lecture has an audience of 300 people. Theo watches from the side of the stage. After Currier delivers an introduction to his neurofeedback research, he invites Robin onto the stage.