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Bible (New Testament): English Standard Version

Nonfiction | Scripture | Adult | Published in 1611

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General Epistles, Part 1 (Hebrews-2 Peter)Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Hebrews Summary

The epistle to the Hebrews is unique among New Testament texts in that it does not have a firm authorship attribution. Some eras of Christian history have sought to assign it with Paul’s letters, but its internal style and theological grammar do not seem to fit the Pauline model. Other possibilities have been proposed, including Barnabas or Apollos, but these are largely speculations. The only significant clue is in the closing lines, where mention is made of Timothy, which suggests that the author may have been a member of the wider Pauline circle. This much can be said, however: based on its reception and circulation among early Christian communities, we know that it was regarded as hailing from the apostolic generation and that it bore the authority of that first group of Christian leaders. While the title of the epistle, Hebrews, suggests that it may have been written to a group of Jewish-background Christians, it is worth remembering that the titles for the books of the New Testament were added later. The epistle does not mention an addressee, and its opening more closely resembles a treatise than a letter. Nevertheless, it does assume a broad familiarity among its