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Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto Is Back

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2022

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Part 5Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 5: “Wimbledon 1995”

Chapter 29 Summary

As they enter Centre Court at Wimbledon, Gwen and Carrie discuss the inscription above the doors, a piece of the poem “If—” by Rudyard Kipling. Gwen wishes her luck, quoting part of the full poem. Carrie is shocked to realize that Gwen thinks she’s okay with losing, thinking, “I am so much smaller than the Carrie Soto in Gwen’s head” (273).

Chapter 30 Summary: “Soto vs. Dryer”

Cami Dryer is 17, and Carrie thinks about how good it is to have experience. She wins handily.

Two transcripts, one from SportsWorld on BBC Sports Radio London and the other from The Mark Hadley show, cut in, discussing Carrie’s progress as she moves into the semifinals of Wimbledon. In the latter, Briggs Lakin admits that he was wrong about Carrie, and Gloria Jones admits that it will be tough for Carrie to win.

Before her match with Antonovich, Javier tells her, ”Don’t think […] Just play” (278).

Chapter 31 Summary: “Soto vs. Antonovich”

Carrie scores first, knowing that Javier and Bowe are watching. Gwen and her assistant Ali are watching too. She leads, winning the first set. Antonovich catches up and wins the second set.

In the final set, Carrie’s strategy isn’t working. Her knee is on fire. On a break, she tries to rethink her strategy and decides to let go of her fear, knowing it’s her only chance of winning.