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Rainbow Rowell

Carry On: The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Book 4Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Book 4, Chapter 70 Summary: “Nicodemus”

Every Christmas, Ebb and Nicodemus meet in their parents’ yard. She’s not allowed to talk to him, but she uses a loophole and tells the moon about her life at Watford. This year, when Ebb isn’t in the yard at the appointed time, Nicodemus goes into the house. One of his nieces tells him that the Mage arrested Ebb because “she broke a rule” (411). Nicodemus hurries off to find her.

Book 4, Chapter 71 Summary: “Simon” and “Baz”

Simon awakes to the dry, itchy feeling of the Humdrum’s presence. He hurries to the woods near the Pitches’ home. There he finds the Humdrum, who can now speak and touch objects. The Humdrum has Baz under his control. When Simon asks the Humdrum what he wants from Baz, the Humdrum retorts that “the real question” is “what does he want from” Simon (414). The Humdrum pushes a void into Baz, making him ravenous for blood and magic. When the vampire attacks Simon, Simon allows his magic to flow into Baz until the vampire regains his autonomy. Simon asks the Humdrum if he took Baz’s magic. Before disappearing, the Humdrum answers, “I don’t take anything. I’m just what’s left when you’re done” (416).