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James L. Swanson

Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Nonfiction | Book | Adult | Published in 2009

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Essay Topics


For Swanson, Booth’s deed seems largely motivated by his acting vocation. Do you think that Booth would have committed this assassination if was not an actor, or is his vision of himself as a dramatic, historical figure necessary for him to commit this deed?


One of the most tragic figures, according to Swanson, is Edman Spangler. Though he supposedly merely held Booth’s horse, he was imprisoned for a few years. What do you think of Spangler’s imprisonment? Can his involvement be excused on his own testimony?


One of the figures in the biggest predicament was the now infamous Dr. Samuel Mudd. What do you think of Mudd’s plight? Is there something he could have done to rescue his reputation?