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Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2012

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After Reading

Discussion/Analysis Prompt

Richie is clearly the antagonist of the novel, but readers must infer much of his characterization. How does the author use indirect characterization to reveal the extent of Richie’s emotions, objectives, and flaws? How do his actions and decisions cause reactions in Eleanor’s family that, in turn, help to characterize them? As you formulate your response, it may be helpful to consider these discussion points:

  • When is Richie kind to his family? Are these moments likely to create sympathy for him in the eyes of most readers?
  • Why might Eleanor’s mother continue to stay with Richie?
  • What information can be inferred from the comments of Park’s father, Tina, and Steve?

Teaching Suggestion: Due to the sensitive nature of the question, a private journal response may be most appropriate. It may be helpful to remind students to ground their answers in the text, utilize details and direct quotations, and avoid generalizations or assumptions.

Differentiation Suggestion: For students who benefit from strategies with composition, word choice, and writing techniques, it may be helpful to provide an emotions wheel like this one to help students identify and discuss precise emotional responses of the characters.