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Lamar Giles

Fake ID

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2014

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Chapters 32-51

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 32 Summary

There is hostility between Reya and Pilar, but in the moment, Reya tells Pilar she loves her, and Pilar accepts this concession. When Pilar reveals that she named her baby after Eli, Reya begins to cry. Pilar breastfeeds Eli; Nick takes the opportunity to find Dustin’s hospital room.

Dustin has some significant injuries, including a broken left arm and cuts on his face. When Dustin asks how Lorenz and Carrey are doing, Nick is forced to tell him that Carrey is dead and Lorenz is in the ICU. Dustin does not want to talk about the vehicle that drove them off the road, but Nick presses. Nick asks if the accident had something to do with Eli’s information; in response, Dustin describes a man whom he has seen working with his father. Nick fears that he is talking about James, but instead Dustin names Miguel Rios.

Chapter 33 Summary

Nick does not fully understand what Dustin’s dangerous information implies. He tells Dustin to keep quiet just as Burke walks in. The mayor orders Nick to leave the room and never contact Dustin again. Nick fears for Dustin’s safety, but leaves as the nurse comes in.

Nick lies to Reya that Dustin was lightheaded and didn’t remember anything.