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E. L. James

Fifty Shades Darker

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2012

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Chapters 18-22Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 18 Summary

Christian takes Ana to a massive house on the coast. The size of the mansion overwhelms Ana. Christion introduces her to a real estate agent and tells Ana she wants to buy it, tear it down, and build a modern replacement for them. Ana asks to see the house, stating that she finds it charming and would rather keep it, updating it to be more modern and ecofriendly. Christian’s brother can help with the remodel. Christian tells Ana she needs to adapt to being rich if they are going to be together.

They leave the coast and travel to downtown Seattle, heading to a celebratory dinner at Christian’s Mile High Club on the 76th floor of Columbia Tower. Ana and Christian play a sensual, flirty game as they enjoy dinner. This escalates as they finish and go to the elevator. Christian reaches under Ana’s dress to fondle her. They head back to Escala. They have sex.

Christian leaves early the next day for a breakfast meeting. Ana showers and asks Mrs. Jones for the keys to the playroom to get Christian another birthday present. While looking for her favorite tie, she finds a box of photos of all Christian’s previous submissives.