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Margaret Atwood

Hag-Seed: William Shakespeare's The Tempest Retold

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2016

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Part 4, Chapters 30-39Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 4: “Rough Magic”

Part 4, Chapter 30 Summary: “Some Vanity of Mine Art”

The date is March 4, 2013. Felix wakes up disturbed by a dream. Anne-Marie reveals that she will put up with WonderBoy’s advances for the sake of the play. Felix continues to see his daughter Miranda in his home, asking for a role in the play. He imagines teaching her to drive. As the Players begin official filming, Felix worries that the digital feed will pick up his daughter’s voice.

Part 4, Chapter 31 Summary: “Bountiful Fortune, Now My Dear Lady”

The date is March 7, 2013. The filming is going well, including the special effects. Felix returns to Toronto for costumes. In Toronto, he meets with one of 8Handz’s connections. Felix pays the man for powder (later revealed to be ketamine), gel-cap pills, a hypodermic needle, and instructions on how to make concoctions with the materials.

Estelle reveals that Sal and Tony plan to pull funding for the Fletcher literacy program. They plan on coming to the screening to prove that the program is unnecessary. Felix believes this will be excellent ammunition to anger the prisoners against Sal and Tony. Estelle gives Felix the list of people accompanying Sal and Tony; included on this list is Lonnie Gordon, the chair of the Shakespeare festival.