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N. Scott Momaday

House Made of Dawn

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1968

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Teacher Introduction

House Made of Dawn

  • Genre: Literary fiction; Native American literature
  • Originally Published: 1968
  • Reading Level/Interest: Lexile 970L; College/Adult
  • Structure/Length: Novel divided into 4 parts; approx. 212 pages; approx. 6 hours and 29 minutes on audio
  • Protagonist/Central Conflict: House Made of Dawn is a novel by Native American author N. Scott Momaday. The central conflict revolves around Abel, a young Native American man and World War II veteran from the Kiowa tribe who returns to his ancestral lands in New Mexico. Abel struggles to reconcile his traditional Native American identity with the challenges and disorientation of the modern world. The novel explores themes of cultural displacement, identity, spirituality, and the clash between Native American and Western cultures. N. Scott Momaday’s story is deeply rooted in Native American traditions and offers a powerful exploration of the Native American experience in the 20th century.
  • Potential Sensitivity Issues: Themes of cultural displacement, identity, and the impact of war; some use of outdated and offensive language; conflicts relating to substance use disorder

N. Scott Momaday, Author

  • Bio: Born 1934; Native American author and Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist, poet, and essayist; draws from his Kiowa heritage and Native American culture; known for his contributions to Native American literature and his exploration of themes related to identity, culture, and the natural world
  • Other Works: The Way to Rainy Mountain (1969); The Ancient Child (1989)
  • Awards: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1969)