Malala Yousafzai & Christina Lamb

I Am Malala

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I Am Malala Chapter 21-Epilogue

Part 4: Between Life and Death

Chapter 21 Summary: “God, I Entrust Her to You”

News of Malala’s injury spread throughout the town. Her father was at a meeting when he received the news. When he arrives at the hospital, he notices TV cameras and photographers. He knows Malala must have been shot. “All children are special to their parents, but to my father I was his universe. I had been his comrade in arms for so long, first secretly as Gul Makai, then quite openly as Malala” (246).

Unfortunately, Malala’s mother does not know what was going on. She was told several stories, including one about Malala hurting her foot. But when her mother hears a helicopter going over the house, she knows it was Malala’s. She takes her scarf off her head and tells the sky, “God, I entrust her to You” (250).

Malala is flown to a military hospital. Once there, a neurosurgeon speaks with her father. He worries the man is far too young to be taking care of Malala. The military hospital makes her father uncomfortable, particularly after the doctor said Malala’s condition was serious, but did not operate. Many people come to the hospital and wait outside to offer their support. “While I was hovering between life and death, the Taliban issued a statement assuming responsibility for shooting me but denying it was because of my campaign for education” (256).

Soon, it is decided Malala should go abroad.

Chapter 22 Summary: Journey into the Unknown

Malala’s father begins to lose hope. The science told him she wasn’t doing well: deteriorating vital signs, an induced coma, etc. However, her mother continues to pray. She is certain Malala will survive.

Malala is flown to Birmingham, England and one of her new doctors spends most of the flight moving around and checking monitors. The doctor says, “If anything had happened to her it would have been blamed on the white woman. If she’d died I would have killed Pakistan’s Mother Teresa” (263).

Meanwhile, her family remains under threat from an attack. On top of that, the family has trouble getting a passport to go with…

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