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Scott Westerfeld


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2009

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Chapters 29-41Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 29 Summary

On their way to the Leviathan, Volger and Alek plan in German to pretend that Volger cannot speak or understand English. The two Austrians are escorted to a lounge with the captain, Dr. Barlow, and several other important crew members.

Alek makes a show of interpreting for Volger, who explains that Alek and the crew of the stormwalker are political enemies of the Emperor and were forced to flee. Alek accidentally refers to Volger as “Count” in German and worries that Dr. Barlow can understand them.

Volger suggests trading himself for Alek and says that the Leviathan can get its food if the Austrians can take a hostage as well. Dr. Barlow volunteers to go with the Austrians, and the deal is made.

Chapter 30 Summary

Dr. Barlow brings her pet, a full trunk of clothes, and an assistant, Dylan, with her aboard the stormwalker. Klopp retreats to the lower decks with Bauer and Hoffman, leaving Alek alone with Tazza, Dr. Barlow, and Dylan. Dr. Barlow pesters Alek with questions and watches him carefully as he pilots the walker.

Alek guides the walker back to the castle and escorts Dr. Barlow and Dylan to the storerooms, where Dr. Barlow reads the labels of the provisions for Dylan to record, proving that she can read and understand German.