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Art Spiegelman


Nonfiction | Graphic Novel/Book | Adult | Published in 1986

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Part 2, Chapters 3-5Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 2

Part 2, Chapter 3 Summary: “…And Here My Troubles Began…”

The family drives to the grocery store and, against Art’s pleas, Vladek returns half-used food. Art mentions an instance where prisoners revolt and kill three SS guards. Vladek counters that the other guards kill them anyway and hang four of Anja’s friends for helping them.

With the Russians approaching, the Nazis close the camps and march the prisoners into Germany. Vladek and a few others plan to hide in a safe room but abandon the idea after hearing rumors that the soldiers would burn the camp down. The Nazis march the prisoners into the small camp of Gross-Rosen, killing anyone who tries to flee or is too weak to walk. They then push the prisoners into a cargo train that stays in one station for about a week. The Nazis only open the doors to remove the dead and waste. Vladek creates a hammock where he can reach the snow on top of the train to both use as water and trade for sugar. Only 25 out of 200 prisoners survive. The prisoners eventually receive food from the International Red Cross, and the train finally moves to Dachau.

The Dachau barracks only have lice-infested straw to sit on, and the guards do not provide soup to anyone with lice on their uniform.

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