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Robert Frost

Mending Wall

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 1914

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Reading Comprehension Questions

1. The speaker’s description of the “something” that “doesn’t love a wall” (Line 1) most strongly implies which of the following?

A) Boundaries are destructive.

B) Boundaries are unnatural.

C) Boundaries are healthy.

D) Boundaries are unavoidable.

2. The speaker likens himself and his neighbor to which of the following?

A) apple and pine trees

B) snow and fire

C) elves and giants

D) roads and walls

3. What "darkness” does the speaker suggest his neighbor is “mov[ing] in” (Line 40), beyond the darkness of “the shade of trees” (Line 41)?

A) anger

B) despair

C) ignorance

D) evil

For each of the following questions, write a one-sentence response based on details in the poem.

4. During what season do the speaker and his neighbor repair their shared wall?

5. What saying does the neighbor repeat in the poem?

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