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Charles R. Johnson

Middle Passage

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1990

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Use these activities to engage all types of learners, while requiring that they refer to and incorporate details from the text over the course of the activity. 

Write from the Perspective of the Allmuseri

The novel is told in Rutherford’s first-person narrative. Given that Rutherford is not an Allmuseri, the reader does not hear a firsthand account from a slave onboard the Republic.

In this activity, you will write a journal entry from the perspective of one of the Allmuseri on board the Republic. Your character may either be one from the novel, or you can make one up; however, you must establish your character very clearly, including her/his background. Consider the following questions to help you write your journal entry.

  • What are conditions like on the ship?
  • How do you feel about Captain Falcon, Cringle, Rutherford, etc.? Do they treat you with respect and dignity?
  • Are you concerned for your health and safety? Why or why not?

Teaching Suggestion: This activity will encourage students to apply a similar writing technique as Johnson’s and apply it to a new character. The journal entry can be whatever length they choose, and students should be encouraged to share their writings with the class.

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