Katherine Mansfield

Miss Brill

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Miss Brill Themes

Power of Imagination

Miss Brill’s imagination allows her to fight off alienation and loneliness as she seeks beauty, connection, and a sense of belonging and value in the world. For example, she turns her old fur necklet into a luxurious companion, a “rogue” to share her adventures with. She transforms her Sundays in the park into escapades in which she is able to connect with others through eavesdropping on their conversations. Both her love for the natural beauty of the park and her appreciation for music fuel her imagination and allow her to feel a sense of belonging.

The World is a Stage 

Echoing Shakespeare’s famous line, “All the world’s a stage,” Miss Brill imagines that she becomes an important part of the world, something larger than herself and her simple life, during her Sundays in the park. She muses that all the people in the park are actors and actresses in…

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