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Irene Hunt

No Promises In The Wind

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 1970

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Chapters 10-11Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 10 Summary

Lonnie tells Josh that when he found Joey, he was staying with a couple “in good circumstances” (157) and that the wife, Mrs. Arthur, had taken a strong liking to him. She wanted to keep Joey until he was stronger, but Joey insisted on going with Lonnie because he wanted to be with Josh.

Josh apologizes to Joey for being mean to him. When Joey compares the situation to the time their father turned on Josh, Josh realizes that he should forgive his father.

Mrs. Arthur arranges for Josh to land a job playing the piano at a local restaurant. The restaurant’s manager, Mr. Ericsson, places a printed page in the restaurant’s menus titled “Our Wild Boys of the Road.” The page tells the story of how Josh and Joey left home because their family didn’t have enough food. Josh plays the piano, responding to requests from diners, and Joey sings and plays the banjo. Their act is a hit with the diners.

Despite the boys’ success at the restaurant, both Lonnie and Emily encourage Josh and Joey to return to Chicago to be with their parents. Janey tells Josh that she cares deeply for him but that he should follow Lonnie’s advice.