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Rita Williams-Garcia

One Crazy Summer

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2010

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. C (Chapter 20)

2. B (Chapter 3)

3. C (Chapter 32)

4. D (Chapter 26)

5. D (Chapter 23)

6. A (Chapter 30 and throughout)

7. B (Chapter 10)

8. B (All chapters)

9. C (Chapter 27)

10. D (Chapter 16)

Long Answer

1. At first, Delphine sees citizenship as her responsibility to herself and her community. Her summer at the people’s center shows her that citizenship comes with rights—rights that people in the world and across the country are fighting and sometimes dying for. Through Sister Mukumbu, Mean Lady Ming, and Mrs. Woods, Delphine learns that one aspect of citizenship is sticking together as a community and letting other people help. (Various chapters)

2. Fern finds her voice and begins to stand up for herself by the novel's end. When she sees Crazy Kelvin interacting with the police, she knows she’s seen something important and uses her voice to tell the world. The girls not only get to know their mother but also get a variety of maternal figures and motherly love from the women that live in Cecile’s neighborhood.