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Lines 1246-1694Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Lines 1246-1694 Summary

In a lyric exchange with the Chorus, Electra asks them to stand guard. They accept their posts, keeping her informed as they anticipate Helen’s murder. From within the palace, Helen’s screams for help are heard. The Chorus implores Zeus to help their friends. Hearing Helen continue to scream, Electra and the Chorus sing encouragement for Pylades and Orestes.

Electra sees Hermione approaching, concerned by her mother’s screams. Electra claims it is because she and Orestes have been ordered to kill themselves. Hermione is distressed, and Electra asks her to ask Helen to appeal to Menelaus to intercede on Orestes and Electra’s behalf. Hermione rushes into the palace to do so, and Electra calls Orestes and Pylades to seize Hermione, who cries out for help. Electra enters the palace.

The Chorus sings about the need to “raise a shout” to drown out the sound of screaming from the palace, which will bring the Argives to the rescue (185, italics in original). A Phrygian slave runs out of the palace, singing about escaping the Argive sword, lamenting the fall of Troy, and describing how Orestes and Pylades carried out the murder and the seizure of Hermione.