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Randy Ribay

Patron Saints of Nothing

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2019

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This flexible-use quiz is designed for reading comprehension assessment and activity needs in classroom, home-schooling and other settings. Questions connect to the text’s plot, characters, and themes — and align with the content and chapter organization in the rest of this study guide. Use quizzes as pre-reading hooks, reading checks, discussion starters, entrance/exit “tickets,” small group activities, writing activities, and lessons on finding evidence and support in a text.

Depth of Knowledge Levels: Questions require respondents to demonstrate ability to: 

  1. Recall and Understand Content (e.g., who, what, where, when) 
  2. Apply and Analyze Ideas (e.g., how and why)

Prologue-Chapter 13

1. In the opening chapter, what animal does Jay remember caring for during his visit with his family in the Philippines?

A) a newborn puppy

B) a stray black cat

C) an ancient tortoise he finds on the beach

D) his grandmother’s exotic parrot

2. What best describes Jay’s attitude toward starting college?

A) eager, looking forward to getting away from his parents

B) apprehensive, unsure of both his math and science skills

C) indifferent; he feels he is drifting

D) happy; he sees college as at last a chance to find out who he is

3. What field of study does Jay think he might pursue in college?

A) computer science

B) neonatal nursing, like his father

C) teaching

D) video game designing

4. What best describes Jay’s reaction to the news that his cousin Jun is dead?

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