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Blake Crouch


Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2019

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EpilogueChapter Summaries & Analyses


Chapter Summary: “BARRY - November 4, 2018”

Barry is having lunch with Julia on what would have been Meghan’s 26th birthday. He reflects on all that hasn’t happened. He can sense that this is the original timeline. He and Julia speculate about what Meghan would be doing now.

Barry tells Julia that he used to be angry with her, feeling that Meghan's death caused their divorce, but now he accepts they were only meant to be together for a period of time. He apologizes for holding onto his anger, and he says that if he could, he wouldn't change a thing.

Chapter Summary: “BARRY - November 5, 2018”

Barry drives to Slade’s loft in San Francisco and knocks on the door. Slade answers, and Barry tells him he’s there to investigate a murder that hasn’t happened yet. He tells Slade that his plan to kill Helena works, but it also causes global havoc.

Slade's phone buzzes, displaying a text from Helena agreeing to meet in a few hours. Barry turns to leave and hears a click. Slade is trying to shoot him. Barry says that he broke in earlier and loaded Slade’s gun with empty casings, wanting to see if Slade was capable of murder. Barry pulls out his Glock.