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Victoria Jamieson

Roller Girl

Fiction | Graphic Novel/Book | Middle Grade | Published in 2015

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Important Quotes

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“It all began in fifth grade. Back when Nicole and I were still best friends.”

(Chapter 1, Page 8)

Astrid foreshadows all the changes she is about to go through during the upcoming summer. It starts when she and Nicole were best friends and did everything together. Astrid’s mother takes them to a roller derby game, and Astrid is enthralled. Nicole does not find it interesting but supports Astrid in her enthusiasm. Astrid does not return this favor for Nicole, so Nicole finds a new friend to hang out with. Astrid is forced to become more independent and make new friends at roller derby camp instead.

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“She looked like a superhero.”

(Chapter 1, Page 18)

When Astrid goes to her first roller derby, she sees Rainbow Bite, the star player and jammer, skating around the rink at lightning speed. Rainbow Bite is passing everyone, moves with grace, and seems very tough and cool to Astrid. Rainbow Bite instantly becomes Astrid’s hero in this moment, inspiring her to take up roller derby and discover a new side of herself that is bolder and more confident.

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“And just like that, my fate was decided. I was going to be a roller girl.”

(Chapter 1, Page 25)

After the game, Astrid knows her fate is sealed. She wants to be a roller girl just like