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Daniel Defoe

Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1724

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Pages 111-220 Summary

Roxana visits a Dutch merchant in Paris in the hope that he will help her transfer the sum of 12,000 pistoles to England. She poses as the Landlord’s widow and makes no mention of the fact that she has been the Prince’s mistress. The Dutchman tries to sell Roxana’s jewels; however, the purchaser attempts to defame Roxana, even trying to frame her for the murder of her supposed husband.

With the assistance of the Dutch merchant, Roxana negotiates matters so that she can get away with leaving the country and retaining her financial gains. The merchant, however, says she must go to Holland to ensure that her finances are safe. She sails to Holland with Amy and they get shipwrecked off the coast of England after a near-death experience. Amy feels remorseful about her wicked life; however, Roxana “had no Sense of Repentance, from the true Motive of Repentance” and feels like a criminal who is only “sorry that he is to be Hang’d for” his crime (129).

Roxana goes to Holland to collect her money and manage her business affairs. While she is there, Amy sends her news that her husband has died and that she may return to Paris, marry well, and set herself up as a Duchess.