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Saul Bellow

The Adventures of Augie March

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1953

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Chapters 21-26Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 21 Summary

Augie visits Georgie, whom no one has visited for years. Augie takes Georgie off the hospital grounds “without asking permission” (420), but Georgie becomes upset, so they go back. Then, Augie visits his mother. She is now almost completely blind and feels his face, noting his skinniness. She asks him to speak to Simon, and Augie does as he is told.

Simon forgives his brother for going to Mexico. His newfound success as a landlord helps him joke about the past. As always, he insists on dressing Augie in better clothes before they take a tour of his properties. Simon hates everyone, and Augie notes that they seem to hate him as well. However, Simon enjoys being hated. Charlotte notes that Augie looks “like hell.” Simon bickers with his mother-in-law, whom he believes dresses poorly.

Next, Augie visits Einhorn, who complains that Mimi is “ruining” Arthur. Augie then visits Mimi, who similarly complains about Einhorn. Mimi loves Arthur, even though the couple is currently enduring financial hardship. Mimi laughs at Augie’s stories about Mexico, though most of his other friends criticize his lack of ambition or direction. She tells Augie that she has been trying to get Arthur to apply to be a wealthy man’s research assistant.