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Bernard Evslin

The Adventures of Ulysses

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 1969

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Answer Key

Prologue-Chapter 4

Reading Check

1. Paris (Prologue)

2. Three (Chapter 1)

3. Libya (Chapter 3)

4. Nobody (Chapter 4)

Short Answer

1. They believe that bringing the horse inside the city will devalue it and cause Poseidon to turn against the Greeks. (Prologue)

2. His men insist on taking with them the gold and jewels they have looted from Troy, and this takes up some of the room meant for food and water. (Chapter 1)

3. When they lighten the ships by throwing gold and jewels overboard, the naiads are attracted to the glittering and come close to the ships to flirt with the men. (Chapter 2)

4. The lotus is a flower that tastes like delicious honey and causes those who consume it to stay in a perpetual state of dreams and sleep. (Chapter 3)

5. He moves the rock that serves as a door to his cave and then waits for the hungry men to be lured inside by the smell of roasting goat. Once they are inside, he rolls the rock back into place, trapping them.