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Wendy Mass

The Candymakers

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2010

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Character Analysis


Logan is a complex character who experiences personal growth throughout the course of the candy contest. When Logan was five years old, he fell into a vat of boiling chocolate to retrieve a friend’s truck that had fallen in. He suffered severe burns on much of his body, but he never let the experience negatively affect him. Instead, he kept a positive attitude and didn’t want people to pity him, but he also never noticed that people were pitying him. By the end of the novel, he realizes that his parents canceled the factory tours and purposely kept him isolated to protect him from people that might stare at him. The judges want to select him as the winner of the candy contest because they feel sorry for him, not because his candy is the best. These epiphanies help him to see his past trauma in a different light; although he doesn’t feel affected by what happened, he realizes that other people are affected when they look at him. This realization gives him a space to talk about what happened, something he never did before.

Logan is best characterized as big-hearted and welcoming. As he meets the other contestants and discovers their individual quirks, he doesn’t judge them.