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Nina de Gramont

The Christie Affair

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2022

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Pages 306-355Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3

Pages 306-309 Summary: “Here Lies Sister Mary”

Nan recounts the events following her escape from the convent. Fiona leaves to become a maid, never losing her faith in the nuns or the priest. Bess is living in America with her husband, but she is haunted by her past trauma. Then Fiona writes of Mary Clare and Father Joseph’s upcoming engagement and their renunciation of their vows. Bess and Nan begin crafting their plan.

Pages 310-315 Summary: “The Disappearance”

At the hotel, Nan and Bess speak of Bess’s return to America, knowing Chilton is listening. Nan remembers how she obtained the poisons used in both murders, and how Bess’s sister Kitty and her husband came to pose as Mr. and Mrs. Race. Quietly, Nan and Bess discuss what they will do next. Nan recalls the murder of Mary Clare; Nan brings her the poisoned tea and talks with her; Mary Clare has no recollection of Nan. Unable to wait for the poison to act, Nan suffocates her with a pillow.

Pages 316-319 Summary: “The Disappearance”

Agatha, Chilton, and Finbarr sit down to eat, and Agatha and Chilton tell Finbarr what they have learned about the Marstons. Finbarr and Agatha agree that the crime was justified, but Chilton struggles with his conscience. Finbarr, having discovered a gramophone, puts on music for them to dance to.

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