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Anton Chekhov

The Seagull

Fiction | Play | Adult | Published in 1895

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Act IVAct Summaries & Analyses

Act IV Summary

Two years later

The final Act of the play begins two years after the end of Act III. The family and workers of Sorin’s estate have gathered to be with Sorin, who has grown sicker as the years have passed. Masha has married Medvedenko, as she previously said she would, and the two of them have a baby together. Masha is, as always, not content with her life. She tells her husband, “What a bore you’ve turned out to be. At least one used to get a bit of philosophy with it but now it’s all the baby—come on home” (53). She tells him to go on home without her, she wants to stay at Sorin’s. He leaves her alone at last when she begrudgingly promises to be home tomorrow.

Konstantin and Polina enter with items to make a bed on the ottoman in Konstantin’s room. Since he has fallen ill, Sorin wants to be near Konstantin and wants to stay in his room. Polina remarks her surprise that Konstantin turned out to be a gifted writer after all, as it is revealed that some of his stories have been published. She tells him to be nice to Masha, much to Masha’s embarrassment.