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Alan Bennett

The Uncommon Reader

Fiction | Novella | Adult | Published in 2007

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Exam Questions

Multiple Choice and Long Answer questions create ideal opportunities for whole-text review, unit exam, or summative assessments.

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following reasons does Her Majesty give for not becoming involved in reading earlier in life?

A) She found it a dull task.

B) She considered it too common for her position.

C) She chose not to explore her own interests.

D) She was never confident in her reading abilities.

2. What does Her Majesty’s sentiment that “one finishes what’s on one’s plate” most likely allude to?

A) Her childhood during the Great War

B) Her involvement in food waste campaigns

C) Her upbringing during the Great Depression

D) Her concern for the nutrition of impoverished British youth

3. Which of the following attributes most concerns Norman when selecting a new author?

A) Their political views

B) Their sexuality

C) Their nationality

D) Their historical era

4. In speaking to Sir Kevin on the difference between being briefed on a subject and reading a subject, Her Majesty notes, “Briefing is terse, factual and to the point. Reading is untidy, discursive and perpetually inviting. Briefing closes down a subject, reading opens it up.” Which of the following literary terms does Her Majesty use in this quote?

A) Dichotomy

B) Paradox

C) Allegory

D) Allusion

5. Which of the following words best describes Sir Kevin’s attitude toward Her Majesty’s interest in reading?

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