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Neal Shusterman


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2018

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Part 6, Chapters 39-47Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 6: “Endura and Nod”

Part 6, Chapter 39 Summary: “A Predatory View”

Scythes Curie and Anastasia arrive on the island of Endura, which is not a natural island but an enormous floating structure made by humans. Scythe Curie points out that “A full third of the city is below the waterline” (404), and because the island belongs to the scythedom the Thunderhead holds no jurisdiction over Endura. Without the Thunderhead’s usual perfect efficiency to run the operations on the island, Citra notices that things on Endura are prone to malfunction. The island is also surrounded by marine life thanks to its dual function as an artificial reef. Xenocrates brags that the scythedom can control the nanites of all of the sea creatures within a 20-mile radius. Later, Scythe Goddard comes to visit Xenocrates, and he brings him the black robe of Scythe Lucifer. Goddard says he has brought Rowan to Endura, and he plans to bring him before the World Council. He hints that he might let it slip that Xenocrates was unable to catch Rowan and that Rowan “visited [Xenocrates] in [his] favorite bathhouse” (412), which could look like Xenocrates was helping Rowan. Xenocrates dismisses Goddard, but he is visibly shaken by his threats. Scythes Curie and Anastasia take a tour of Endura, where they are shown the robes of the founding scythes as well as all of the gems for scythe rings that will ever be needed.