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John Green

Turtles All the Way Down

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2017

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Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11 Summary

Aza gets a call from Simon Morris, the Pickett family lawyer. He made an appointment for her at a bank, to avoid trouble when she deposits the money from Davis. Aza and Daisy drive to the bank. Aza thinks to herself that she seems mentally calmer and wonders if her medication is finally working. This brings on a thought spiral about whether she changed her Band-Aid that morning. Aza tries to resist, but she feels a powerful compulsion to stop and change her Band-Aid.

Aza pulls into a parking lot and takes off her Band-Aid. She is sure the wound is infected. Daisy tries to calm Aza, but Aza is convinced that this time, her finger looks different. Aza squeezes hand sanitizer on her finger, hating herself as she puts on a new Band-Aid. Aza’s “thought spiral” tightens, paralyzing her. Daisy points out that they are late for their appointment, so Aza finally resumes driving. Daisy wishes that she knew how to help. At the bank, Daisy and Aza fill out forms to open new accounts. Aza can barely pay attention, as thoughts of infection and doom fill her head. Aza thinks that mental disorders should not be glamorized, as some seem to do.