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Stephenie Meyer


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2005

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Character Analysis

Bella Swan

Isabella Swan, the narrator, moves from sunny Phoenix to cloudy Forks, where she plans to live with her father and finish high school. There, she falls in love with a strange but alluring boy, Edward, who turns out to be a vampire. The book traces her struggle to find a path beyond their differences toward a fulfilling relationship. Smart and perceptive, Bella is somewhat alienated from others, and she’s very clumsy, which prevents her from enjoying many social activities such as sports and dancing. Besides brains, she’s also quite pretty and a nice person, but she underestimates herself and is surprised by the attention she receives from the boys at school.

Bella discovers a sense of purpose and resolve she’s never felt before in her growing love for Edward. Her unshakeable desire to protect him, despite the danger he poses to her, gives Bella a determination unmatched by anyone else in the story. She is the main protagonist; with second protagonist Edward, she experiences a romantic adventure that completely changes her life and goals.

Edward Cullen

Tall, handsome, and pale-skinned, with red-brown hair and eyes that change from black to dark golden, Edward Cullen is a vampire in a coven that hunts not humans but animals for their