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Scott McCloud

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Nonfiction | Graphic Novel/Book | Adult | Published in 1993

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Introduction-Chapter 2Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Introduction Summary

The introduction, like the rest of Understanding Comics, is a graphic story that resembles a black-and-white comic book. It is a single page of hand-drawn sequential panels used to describe a conversation between Scott McCloud and his friend Matt Feazell in which he explains his new project, “a comic book about comics.” McCloud portrays himself as a bespectacled, casually dressed 30-something enthusiastic about said project.

He says, “It’s more an examination of the art-form of comics, what it’s capable of, how it works. [...] I’ve even put together a new comprehensive theory of the creative process and its implications for comics and for art in general” (Introduction). The panels imply that Feazell listens quietly to McCloud’s explanation and, after a moment of thoughtfulness, simply responds, “Aren’t you kind of young to be doing that sort of thing” (Introduction).

(McCloud renders some words in bold face for the sake of emphasis; all quotes are bold faced just as he printed them. The text is fully capitalized, but this guide only does so as per ordinary sentences.)

Chapter 1 Summary: “Setting the Record Straight”

McCloud recounts his own introduction to comics, which left him believing they were too childish for him. When a friend persuaded him to take a second look, he began to see greater depth in comics and resolved to become a comics artist by the 10th grade.

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